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What is Linen

Embark on a journey of linen exploration! Discover its fascinating origins, the art of crafting this exquisite fabric, and the reasons behind its soaring popularity. As ardent linen enthusiasts, we’ve delved deep into its world and are eager to unveil its wonders to you. Join us to unravel the secrets of this authentic and remarkable textile.

Let's begin and delve into the fundamentals...

Linen: An absorbent wonder.

Linen, crafted from flax fiber, is a moisture-absorbing champ. It can soak up to 20% of its weight in water, making it ideal for sarees, dresses, duppatas, and stoles

Linen: A fabric that breathes.

Linen‘s magic doesn’t end at absorption; it quickly releases moisture too. With its excellent air permeability, linen dries fast and never clings to your body. Plus, it’s a natural insulator—keeping you cool in summer and cozy in the cold.

Linen: Hypoallergenic and cozy.

Linen boasts health benefits too. Some say it promotes faster wound healing and aids in easing skin conditions like eczema. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.

Discovering the process behind linen production.

Linen, derived from the flax plant, boasts remarkable natural qualities. Cultivated in various regions, the flax plant’s growth cycle is relatively short. Nonetheless, turning flax seeds into linen fabric is a complex and time-consuming process. This is why linen is valued as a luxury item with a higher price compared to cotton.

Ever wondered about the process behind our premium linen sarees and fabric? Let’s take a closer look!


Linen is sowed in March, harvested in July. During bloom, the field turns sky blue for a single day, creating a magical spectacle.


After the bloom, flax is harvested by pulling it up from the roots to maximize fiber length for various product uses, unlike mowing other crops.


Harvested flax undergoes retting, where it is exposed to moisture to separate the fibers from the stem. Careful timing is crucial, as under-retting hinders fiber separation, while over-retting weakens it.


Scutching separates woody stem from flax fibers. Tow fibers for paper, twine, rope; longer fibers for high-quality textiles like sarees, clothing.


Linen fibers are spun and woven into fabric, which can be bleached and dyed. Additionally, our linen undergoes stone-washing for maximum softness, using pumice to achieve a lived-in, supple feel.

10 Reasons Why Wearing a Saree is Sexy

The popularity of saree has incredibly shot up in recent years. Girls and women prefer wearing sarees more than ever. Whether one is a teenager, a woman in twenties, a middle-aged lady or even an octogenarian, saree is always enchanting for a woman or girl. It is undoubtedly immensely sexy attire. The blog here precisely discusses 10 specific reasons to why it is so.

Reason 1 - It perfectly grabs attention

One of the main attributes of wearing a saree is it is a terrific attention grab. When you wear it, you create a magnetic aura about your persona. The onlookers find something differently appealing in you. 

You can wear a saree traditionally or flaunting a modern style. The versatility of saree is beyond doubt. The style makes one drool over you – in a social gathering, public forum, or on a date. You genuinely feel more confident wearing it.

Reason 2 - It suits any body shape

Yet another impressive feature of a saree is it suits any figure or body shape. You would be amazed how effortless you can wrap a saree irrespective of your figure. There would be no problems showing your curves by wrapping a saree in specific ways.

It doesn’t matter whether you are slim or obese. A saree doesn’t discriminate! It brings out the best in you from a fashion perspective. A saree is perfect attire if you want to look more appealing to others. It is a sure-shot way to get more admiration from the opposite gender.

Reason 3 - It is an all-day wear

Saree is comfortable and no person can deny the fact. You generally find it very convenient to wear a saree. There are no hassles in wearing and managing it at any hour of the day. You can remain in a saree throughout the day. 

A lightweight cotton saree can comply with your desire to remain happy-go-lucky all through the day without any issues. You can get several such options in the extensive product list of a top-rated online seller. There is no dearth of choices. 

Reason 4 - Saree is an all-weather garment

You would be delighted to know that saree is all-weather attire. Whether it is summer, spring, monsoon, or winter, there are no problems in flaunting a lovely saree. There are hundreds of varieties available in the competitive market. You would not find it difficult to pick suitable sarees according to the season. 

Reason 5 – You can experiment with a saree

There is no doubt that you can do a wide range of experiments as far as wearing a saree is concerned. There are lots of styles to wear and flaunt a saree. You may refer to the styles of celebrities. Also, you can learn unique ways to wear it by referring to blog images. 

There are various kinds of drapes you can try. Sarees are available in thousands of colours and patterns. So, you have a flexible scope to experiment flaunting different types of designs. It is exciting to add more dimensions to personal style with a saree. 

Reason 6 – Saree is graceful and elegant

An inherent characteristic of sexiness is grace. A lovely saree is graceful attire. There is no trace of doubt about it. When you wear a saree, you become more graceful and charismatic. Your friends and close relatives admire your refined tastes. 

The elegance of a beautiful saree is impeccable. Your persona becomes more subtly attractive. You become soulfully happier when you flaunt a saree in an outing or even at your home. Confidence oozes out from the way you walk, sit, turn, smile, and express. 

Reason 7 – Saree complies with any ornaments

You would be also glad to know that a branded, classy saree fluently complies with any ornaments – gold, silver, diamond, platinum, and even junk jewelry items. It is cool to wear a necklace, or a pair of earrings, bracelets, or every basic jewelry item with a saree. 

The versatile features of the saree make it possible to easily blend the aesthetics of jewelries with your style. You don’t have to worry too much about matching your jewelry. You can either create a contrast or go for an exact match, keeping in mind the colour and design of the saree. 

Reason 8 – Saree complies with any accessory

The sexiness of a saree is infinite and there are more reasons. One such reason is it wonderfully complies with any accessory, especially the items that are made of authentic leather. For example, you can easily carry a leather tote bag or clutch bag, and wear a pair of leather sandals, when you flaunt a saree. 

Moreover, a gorgeous wrist watch goes fine with a saree. It is an engaging and unputdownable style. You would be satisfied with the outcome. There is no doubt that the combination makes you more enigmatic. 

Reason 9 – An all-occasion wear

Arguably the most important feature that makes a saree sublimely sexy is you can wear it on any occasion – birthday party, marriage anniversary, picnic, date, college fest, cultural function, etc. It feels great and empowered to wear a magnificent saree on a special occasion. It is completely an immersive experience. 

Reason 10 – You create your signature

You would be more than happy to know that wearing saree makes it simpler to create and establish a personal style statement. You can conveniently create your captivating signature by flaunting different sarees in various styles. It is no doubt incredibly exciting.

Buy a saree from a top online trader

A wise decision is to purchase lovely sarees from an online seller that has a good reputation. You can go through the reviews from previous customers before you decide to buy the product. Usually, the price tags of various sarees are competitive. So, what are you waiting for? Flaunt a beautiful saree and become a DIVA!

10 Gorgeous Festive Sarees Picks You Can Wear This Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights and it is always exciting to celebrate it beautifully. Wearing a gorgeous saree and attending a party is one of the best ways to celebrate Diwali. You need to ensure the saree you flaunt is gorgeous. 

There are many kinds of lovely and dazzlingly magnificent sarees available in the competitive market. Take your time to explore the collection of a reputed online seller of sarees. You can flexibly choose many intricately designed sarees. Do you want to get some clear ideas? Continue reading the blog to get specific details about festive sarees.

Dhakai Linen

The Dhakai Linen is one of the most gorgeous sarees you can consider wearing in Diwali. Close relatives and family friends would admire your refined tastes when you flaunt Dhakai Linen in Diwali. It is a perfect choice for the occasion.

You can opt for a saree that is expertly crafted in delicate Jacquard designs. The patterns are apparently simple yet detailed. The saree expresses a unique aura. It is bright and impressively vibrant. You would be delighted to flaunt Dhakai Linen. It is generally available in many attractive shades. 

It is yet another immensely gorgeous saree that should be a part of your rich collection. It adds value to any wardrobe. If you want to appear regal this Diwali, then think too much and straightaway choose a Dhakai Jamdani saree from a renowned online store. 

The saree is loved by the elite. Bangladesh is the origin of Dhakai Jamdani. The fabric is on the heavier side. But the texture is rich and it is very comfortable. The handloom weave of the saree is among the best in the market. The patterns are classy to the last detail.

If you are looking for a saree blooming with delicate embroidery touches, it is a great idea to choose am embroider linen during Diwali. You need it to give it your best shot to look gorgeous in festive days, and embroidery linen can practically help you in this regard. 

The hand-woven linen has a simple texture. There are multiple colours in which it is available, usually from a reliable online site. The shades are warm. The linen weaves are comfortable to the skin. You would certainly love to flaunt the sarees. The floral designs of the sarees are intricate. 

Plain Fletcher Silk

Are you fond of wearing silk sarees? One of the most uniquely appealing silk sarees is the Plain Fletcher Silk sarees. You would be highly impressed with the glamour of the outfit. The gloss, the strength of the weave, the finish, and the original patterns – everything is incredibly exciting about the saree. 

Diwali is a festive when you need to exhibit your refined tastes. Wearing a Plain Fletcher Silk saree is undoubtedly the perfect way to do it. It is gorgeous attire that enriches your style. Minimal jewelry goes wonderfully well with the saree. Try it!

If you are searching for a saree that is simultaneously gorgeous, lightweight, comfortable, and hand-woven, the Tussar Giccha saree is a lovely choice. Ensure digging through the offerings of a top-rated online seller to get hold of the suitable sarees. There is assurance of superior quality standards. 

The Tussar Giccha sarees are available in bright, vibrant hues. You would be delighted to flaunt such a magnificently crafted saree in Diwali. The saree boasts a zari border that is delicately woven in the drape. The Tussar Giccha saree is an elegant saree that blends with your aesthetic preferences flawlessly. 

Some of you might be fond of silk sarees originating in Eastern India. Why not choose mesmerizing Bhagalpuri Silk sarees for celebrating Diwali in a grand fashion? The glitter of Bhagalpuri Silk is unparalleled. You are bound to be enchanted with the finish and smoothness of the silk sarees. 

The gorgeous hues of the silks are fascinating, too. The sarees are weaved from authentic Tussar silk. The craftsmen who weave the drapes have many years of experience in the local saree industry. Aim to buy the sarees from an online seller that has a good reputation in the market. 

One of the most exquisite quality silk sarees is the Tussar Munga Silk. There is no doubt that it can be a lovely choice if you are looking for a gorgeous saree to wear in Diwali. The apparently plain texture of the saree has a refined finish. 

The saree makes you appear regal and graceful. Most sarees under the category usually boast a gorgeous golden border. The golden colour of the border can nicely complement the glittering lights of the festival. When you are searching for a saree with a high glamour quotient, a Tussar Munga Silk is an excellent option. 

Cotton Silk with Giccha Weave

If you are looking for a saree in a more traditional line, it is a good idea to flaunt a beautiful cotton silk saree that also boasts a marvelous Giccha weave. The cotton material is mainly Bengal Cotton, providing soothing comfort. 

Sequin Saree

You can experiment with attire during Diwali. How about flaunting a gorgeous and decently patterned Sequin Saree for the occasion? It is a top choice if you want to establish an elegant fashion state and grab the attention of the guests. There are numerous choices available.

In India, there are multiple varieties of silks available for crafting sarees. During the festive season, you can choose from a huge collection of silk sarees. For example, a Kota Silk Saree has uniquely appealing aesthetics. The texture and shades blend with each other, imparting a glitz to the saree. The drape is perfect for Diwali. 

Lighten your Diwali

Place an order for getting a lovely saree delivered at your address. When you buy a saree from a reliable online seller, you get it at a competitive price. The quality standards are superior. Also, there is no harm in buying more than a single saree! Lighten your Diwali flaunting gorgeous sarees! 

Top 10 Ways to Mix and Match Plain Sarees with Blouse

Styling a saree is no more limited to a few options! The different ways to experiment with sarees and blouses have astonished every fashionista! Even a few decades back, there were not many styling options for saree and draping styles. Most women had to follow the conventional styling tips and draping patterns. But with the internet outbreak and fashion revolution in India, the concept of mix and match has up-leveled the styling game! Women are experimenting with sarees, fabrics, and even blouses.  

Versatile styling is the key – Mix and match is not an out-of-the-box concept. You may have knowingly or unknowingly tried the contrast styling. What is it? The way of matching a plain and simple saree with an uncommon choice of blouse and design defines the fundamental rule of mix and match styling. The combination of the blouse and saree should be unconventional. The more you go different and unique with the combination, the better the appeal gets! If you also want to try the different mix and match saree styling ideas, here are the top 10 ways you can consider – 

Contrasting colours – The quick solution

Do you have a plain white linen or silk saree but cannot figure out the best ways to make it look stylish? Go for a contrasting blouse with the plain white saree. You can wear a bright green or orange blouse with a white saree. The contrast of the bright shade will match wonderfully with the pale white saree. You can try this colour blocking styling with other combinations like pink and green, grey and yellow, red and white and many more! 

A mono-coloured look with accessories

Even though a mono-coloured saree and blouse combination does not fall under the mix and match category, you can experiment with the look. Go for similar colours on the blouse and the saree and team it with a jewellery set with a contrasting colour. For example, if you have a plain pink coloured silk saree and the same blouse piece; you can wear them with a handloom-based necklace with contrasting colours in it. It is a bold look to carry, and you have to be confident to flaunt the style. 

Wear it with a jacket blouse

Jackets on sarees are the new trend this season! Even at weddings and traditional events, you can find the increased use of jackets. If the saree is not too heavy with embroidery work or Zari prints, a gaudy jacket will be the best choice to carry a mix and match look. Try a cotton saree with minimal prints with an embroidery jacket-style blouse.  

Shirts and sarees – The new-age choice

Even a decade back, who would have thought that sarees and shirts would become such a hit combination? All major fashion influencers on the social platforms promote the unique mix and match the styling of sarees and shirts. You can pair a Chikankari shirt with fluffed sleeves with a georgette saree. Drape the saree uniquely to bring a contemporary look. You can also experiment with junk jewellery to elevate the look with this new-age saree styling. 

Printed blouse with plain sarees

Kalamkari prints, polka prints and Bandhni stained cotton blouses go perfectly with a plain saree. If the saree you have chosen is mono-coloured or has minimal printing on the body, always trust the printed blouses to bring out a unique appeal. The colourful Kalamkari prints or 3D Buddha paints on the blouse contrast the dullness of the plain saree. 

Plain saree and a velvet blouse – The winter style

Winters are all about wedding invitations and events! But you do not need to update your wardrobe every time you have to attend a party. Even with the simplest sarees with minimal design on the pallu, you can mix and match a shiny velvet blouse to level up the fashion game! A full sleeve velvet blouse or a quarter sleeved blouse would perfectly match the look. For white and light-coloured sarees, wear a contrasting velvet blouse with minimal sequin work on the sleeves. 

Linen saree with a raw silk blouse

A raw silk blouse with a linen saree with light embroidery work is an excellent mix and match combination. You can experiment with the colours and bring out a bright contrast. Wear it at any formal event or for house parties. The linen sarees are highly comfortable, and so are the silk blouses. Get the best blend of style and comfort in a linen and silk combination! 

Plain saree with Zari and brocade blouse

A plain silk saree with a thin Zari border can blend wonderfully with a brocade blouse of contrast colour. If you have a green saree with a golden border, pair it with a pink brocade blouse. The combination sounds different. But, you will not go wrong with the bling of the brocade and Zari work! These are perfect for summer weddings and events where you have to rely on minimal accessories to ensure comfort. 

Dazzle with mirror blouse and embroidery

A plain saree can get a complete transformation with a mirrored blouse. Sequins and mirrors are the best options for bringing contrast to a simple saree. The overall look will be a combination of two extremes and bring out an elegant fashion appeal. Flaunt this mix and match style at a party and become the show stealer! 

Plain handloom with flared georgette blouse

Georgette sarees are dapper but have you tried georgette blouses? The easy-breezy georgette fabric is an excellent material for making blouses that are a perfect fit for Indian summers. Oversized or flared sleeves go great with plain handloom sarees with light embroidery. Choose colours that complement the soothing appeal of the handloom fabric of the saree. Bright georgette blouses with stripes and floral prints can also be an excellent choice for mixing and matching with cotton silk handlooms.

Try different styles with the best collection!

Which one was the best in your decision among these top 10 ways to experiment with the saree look? With Loomfolks, get the best sarees with elegant designs and simple embroidery. You can browse the collection to buy them and try these mix and match blouse styling. 

Linen Magic: Wearing Linen Sarees for all Seasons

Linen Sarees – For All Seasons and Occasions

Are you aware of the rich history of linen fabric and sarees? Linen sarees have always been a part of Indian culture and heritage. The fabric was popular even during the time of the Mughals and the arrival of muslin fabric in the country. With a cultural history of the fabric and its existence of over 4000 years in the country, linen sarees have always been an integral part of women’s clothing.

The revolutionary change in the saree styles and linen designs in the last decade is significant. More women are trying out the comfy fabric and considering it a part of their daily wear. Even with the fashion magazines, linen fabric has finally arrived on the cover page articles! Do you know why? It is the sheer quality of the fabric and the scope to experiment with the saree styles.

Comfort and styling – The Linen magic

The awesome combination of comfort and weaving style has made the linen sarees a top choice among women of different ages. Earlier, linen sarees were the staple choice for working women in India. Now with the introduction of handloom designers and experimenting weavers, the versatility of the linen sarees has gone to the next level! Women from all age groups and with different fashion preferences are showing interest in experimenting with magical fabric. The sarees are apt for wearing at different events and occasions. The sophisticated look of the fabric makes the stitching and prints on the saree look exquisite. 

The popularity of linen sarees

Linen fabric is made from the flax plant and is perfect for the Indian weather. Especially in the states of West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Chennai, and Odisha, line sarees are the best option to wear to beat the heat. The breathable handloom is soft and light. The weight of the sarees on your body will not make you feel sweaty even during the hottest days of summer. The budget-friendly sarees made of linen are an absolute favorite of all saree-lovers. From stitches on the fabric to gorgeous Zari-work find the best experimental designs with linen sarees to flaunt them on several occasions.

  • Prints and Zari-works on linen sarees – Going for a party or wedding during the peak summer season is truly exhausting with heavy weighing sarees that make you feel sweaty. The breathable and breezy linen with a Zari border and print on the body is an excellent choice for summer events. The bling of Zari works perfectly to balance the gorgeousness of the event. Dual shades on the linen weave help bring a sober look with the contrast of golden or silver Zari stitches. When in doubt always trust a linen saree as it will perfectly manage the look! 
  • The classic border on linen sarees – Are you a fan of simple styling and fashion? Linen sarees have so much in store for you! The simple fabric brings out feminine elegance. Even with plain linen fabric with self-prints or stitches, you can turn the heads at a party! Handloom linens are available in so many unique pastel colours and dual shades. The soft sarees with e thin border of embroidery are the ultimate choice for those who love understated fashion.  

Multiple ways to style the 6 yards of linen fabric

Saree styling has come a long way and evolved with generations! The way you see sarees and the draping style is very different from the older days. Over generations, the draping styles and experimentation with sarees have evolved. You can now even flaunt a saree with a collared shirt or jacket! It was something unimaginable even during the 90s. With time, the choices have evolved, and so have the linen sarees. There are designs that attract women in their early twenties and elegant prints that meet the expectations of women above sixty! There are no boundaries or fashion restrictions that define the different ways you can experiment with linen sarees. Pick any colour or embroidery you like and wear it as you wish! Linen fabric will never disappoint you with its appeal and sophisticated appeal. 

Contemporary style for casual events

Striped linen sarees are the favourites for all women who love casual styling. These are perfect for small house parties, dinner dates and occasional outings. Flaunt them with the blouse provided along with the saree. You need not experiment wildly with the blouse styling or try different draping techniques. Wear it simple with minimal accessories and attend any even you want to.

Professional meetings and linen sarees

Do you have an office meeting to attend? Try a linen saree of light shade to look your best! The sophisticated look of linen fabric elevates the formal appeal and your confidence level. Look different from the crowd by flaunting an elegant and light weighing saree made of the purest handloom fabric, linen. Iron it well to wear it for formal events, and you will not feel the heat or humidity. Ensure comfort with high-quality linen sarees to carry yourself confidently during formal meetings.  

Mix and match with linen sarees

Are you a fan of bright colours? Who said linen sarees cannot exhibit a bright look? The new-age handloom weavers are experimenting with bold colours in the linen sarees. Get a range of fluorescent colours and vibrant shades on the sarees. Wear them with a contrasting blouse to make the look perfect for all seasons and occasions! Whether it is springtime or scorching summer days, linen sarees always stay in fashion.

Experiment as you like!

Irrespective of your styling choice, linen sarees have to be a part of your wardrobe! For all events, festivals, occasions and outings, nothing can beat the comfy feel of the handloom sarees. Wear them with jackets and contemporary blouses or stick to the conventional styles of classic drapes; you can never go wrong with the linen sarees. 

Experience the magic of the fabric

Fill your wardrobe with the best designs on linen sarees from Loomfolks, the ultimate shopping destination for saree-lovers. Get the most-unique weavings and designs on the linen collection from the brand, and get ready to flaunt the breezy sarees across all seasons!