Top 10 Ways to Mix and Match Plain Sarees with Blouse

Styling a saree is no more limited to a few options! The different ways to experiment with sarees and blouses have astonished every fashionista! Even a few decades back, there were not many styling options for saree and draping styles. Most women had to follow the conventional styling tips and draping patterns. But with the internet outbreak and fashion revolution in India, the concept of mix and match has up-leveled the styling game! Women are experimenting with sarees, fabrics, and even blouses.  

Versatile styling is the key – Mix and match is not an out-of-the-box concept. You may have knowingly or unknowingly tried the contrast styling. What is it? The way of matching a plain and simple saree with an uncommon choice of blouse and design defines the fundamental rule of mix and match styling. The combination of the blouse and saree should be unconventional. The more you go different and unique with the combination, the better the appeal gets! If you also want to try the different mix and match saree styling ideas, here are the top 10 ways you can consider – 

Contrasting colours – The quick solution

Do you have a plain white linen or silk saree but cannot figure out the best ways to make it look stylish? Go for a contrasting blouse with the plain white saree. You can wear a bright green or orange blouse with a white saree. The contrast of the bright shade will match wonderfully with the pale white saree. You can try this colour blocking styling with other combinations like pink and green, grey and yellow, red and white and many more! 

A mono-coloured look with accessories

Even though a mono-coloured saree and blouse combination does not fall under the mix and match category, you can experiment with the look. Go for similar colours on the blouse and the saree and team it with a jewellery set with a contrasting colour. For example, if you have a plain pink coloured silk saree and the same blouse piece; you can wear them with a handloom-based necklace with contrasting colours in it. It is a bold look to carry, and you have to be confident to flaunt the style. 

Wear it with a jacket blouse

Jackets on sarees are the new trend this season! Even at weddings and traditional events, you can find the increased use of jackets. If the saree is not too heavy with embroidery work or Zari prints, a gaudy jacket will be the best choice to carry a mix and match look. Try a cotton saree with minimal prints with an embroidery jacket-style blouse.  

Shirts and sarees – The new-age choice

Even a decade back, who would have thought that sarees and shirts would become such a hit combination? All major fashion influencers on the social platforms promote the unique mix and match the styling of sarees and shirts. You can pair a Chikankari shirt with fluffed sleeves with a georgette saree. Drape the saree uniquely to bring a contemporary look. You can also experiment with junk jewellery to elevate the look with this new-age saree styling. 

Printed blouse with plain sarees

Kalamkari prints, polka prints and Bandhni stained cotton blouses go perfectly with a plain saree. If the saree you have chosen is mono-coloured or has minimal printing on the body, always trust the printed blouses to bring out a unique appeal. The colourful Kalamkari prints or 3D Buddha paints on the blouse contrast the dullness of the plain saree. 

Plain saree and a velvet blouse – The winter style

Winters are all about wedding invitations and events! But you do not need to update your wardrobe every time you have to attend a party. Even with the simplest sarees with minimal design on the pallu, you can mix and match a shiny velvet blouse to level up the fashion game! A full sleeve velvet blouse or a quarter sleeved blouse would perfectly match the look. For white and light-coloured sarees, wear a contrasting velvet blouse with minimal sequin work on the sleeves. 

Linen saree with a raw silk blouse

A raw silk blouse with a linen saree with light embroidery work is an excellent mix and match combination. You can experiment with the colours and bring out a bright contrast. Wear it at any formal event or for house parties. The linen sarees are highly comfortable, and so are the silk blouses. Get the best blend of style and comfort in a linen and silk combination! 

Plain saree with Zari and brocade blouse

A plain silk saree with a thin Zari border can blend wonderfully with a brocade blouse of contrast colour. If you have a green saree with a golden border, pair it with a pink brocade blouse. The combination sounds different. But, you will not go wrong with the bling of the brocade and Zari work! These are perfect for summer weddings and events where you have to rely on minimal accessories to ensure comfort. 

Dazzle with mirror blouse and embroidery

A plain saree can get a complete transformation with a mirrored blouse. Sequins and mirrors are the best options for bringing contrast to a simple saree. The overall look will be a combination of two extremes and bring out an elegant fashion appeal. Flaunt this mix and match style at a party and become the show stealer! 

Plain handloom with flared georgette blouse

Georgette sarees are dapper but have you tried georgette blouses? The easy-breezy georgette fabric is an excellent material for making blouses that are a perfect fit for Indian summers. Oversized or flared sleeves go great with plain handloom sarees with light embroidery. Choose colours that complement the soothing appeal of the handloom fabric of the saree. Bright georgette blouses with stripes and floral prints can also be an excellent choice for mixing and matching with cotton silk handlooms.

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