loomfolks weavers

Priyanka women weaver from West Bengal India was able to earn revenue of Rs.12,10,000/- in the past 12 months for her handwoven products with loomfolks. 

Loomfolks is a D2C brand that was created to connect local artisans in India with a global online market. Loomfolks has been working towards sustainable livelihoods for artisans by increasing their earning potential. 

With so many talented women in the artisan community today, we envisioned ways to bring more of them into the market, and more importantly, give them the profits they deserve for their hard work. And we hope Priyanka’s monumental success will inspire other women to do the same – turn small cottage industries into successful businesses.

Priyanka has been acting as a role model to other Women weavers in her village; setting high expectations and acting as an example that it is possible for them to receive more financial freedom and become micro entrepreneurs.