Loomfolks, means “the people’s loom”

The founding members of Loomfolks traveled length and breadth in India with the support of noted NGO’s who is reviving and helping the traditional weavers and artisans to get to a sustainable living through continuous training and educating them to adapt with the technology to cater wider audience to show case their creativity and craftsmanship.

Loomfolks members travelled through Walajapet- The Silk City, Kanchipuram, Kuthampully – Thichur, Yeola – Maharashtra, Uppada – Village – Andhra Pradesh, Bhagalpur-Bihar, West Bengal.

Loomfolks is a D2C brand for Consumers to Buy Handcrafted products from weavers, artisans and independent makers.

Loomfolks takes pride in our product integrity by using carefully hand-picked handloom products from our vast weavers & artisans network.

Our involvement from seeding right down to the weaving / processing allows us to monitor product integrity closely and efficiently. These stringent controls help to ensure that only the finest quality of handloom products with innovative design are being weaved.


Loomfolks is holistic in all aspect andsought to be a brand that would simultaneously benefit all stakeholders

– Weavers, Artisans, Designers and Independent Women’s (Affiliates).


Quality First – We believe in always delivering the international recognised standard of quality and beyond.

Integrity – We believe that individual and organizational integrity and ethics are non-negotiable in our professional undertaking.

Innovation – Continuous innovation is in our company’s DNA. We believe this is the only way to maintain our market leadership.

Sustainability – We believe in sustainable and balanced approach to advancing our causes. We believe in environmental, social and economic sustainability in materializing our company’s vision and objectives.

Social Inclusion – We believe in social inclusion philosophy and approaches in creating sustainable and balanced growth. We believe that the progress of the company cannot happen without the progress of our surrounding communities. We believe in being guided by the spirit and attitude of community stewardship to ensure social sustainability.

Our Mission

To build a unique, exclusive, and an eminent community of weavers, artisans, manufacturers, fashion artists, experts, followers, and customers under one roof.

Loomfolks is empowering artisans and weavers from various villages spread across in India with land of colours and various culture, each product is a success story of independent weaver / artisans pursuing the goal of sustainable livelihood & social equality. Loomfolks mission is to further cultivate original design thinking in rural artisans & enable global audience to enrich their artisanal roots and live a handmade life. A change that is inevitable and something that lasts.

Made by Artisans / Weavers:

Loomfolks is home to 15 artisans family spread across 20 villages in Bengal, Bihar, Maharastra, Kanchipuram, Madhya Pradesh, Kuthampully , Uppada out of which 100 are women.

Our Approach

We are on an enterprise to weave and integrate the stream of fashion as a unique community wherein the fashion artists and experts from the various walks of life cater to the fashion lovers and fanatics from all across the globe at one single platform.

Our Philosophy

Loomfolks as a fashion entity and a brand is a perfect amalgam of myriad traditions, innovations, and cultures that bind the fraternity of fashion with the threads of style, professionalism, and authenticity.

We Unite Fashion, Trends, and Authenticity

The concept and stream of fashion is known for its fluidity and dynamism and there is so much happening on the front of fashion and style every single day. And to carve a distinct identity in the fraternity and in the hearts of fashion fanatics, the brands have to take roads less travelled.