Linen Sequin Sarees


Truly Divine Natural White Linen Sequin Saree with Contrast Pink Blouse

Price : 4,900.00
You Save: 1,600.00 (24.62%)
SKU: LSEQ10206

Mesmerising Blue Linen Sequin Saree with Artistically Handwoven Pallu

Price : 4,900.00
You Save: 1,600.00 (24.62%)
SKU: LSEQ10204

Strikingly Beautiful Dark Navy Blue Handwoven Linen Sequin Saree

Price : 4,900.00
You Save: 1,600.00 (24.62%)
SKU: LSEQ10210

Enjoy The Comfort Of Linen Saree With Beautiful Sequin Design Exclusively From Loomfolks

Loomfolks is known for providing artistically authentic and beautiful linen sarees to the customers. Our exclusive Linen Sequin sarees will help you look like a daydream with the comfort of the linen fabric. We have a vast collection of Linen Sequin sarees available with artistically handwoven borders especially available from our hardworking weavers. We provide a wide variety of handwoven pallu designs in our Linen Sequin saree range.

This range is available for the people who want to try something new with their look. Our sarees are easy to wear and comfortable because we use linen as our base fabric. Linen as a fabric is very strong and durable. If you are planning to buy any saree with a much more integrated pallu design but the fabric which will help you breathe in this hot summer then you can go for our Linen Sequin saree!

Our sarees are exclusively available for the people wanting to experiment with their style. We have integrated designs available which are handwoven by our weavers. The exclusive colours will definitely make you fall in love with them at first sight. We have dark colours available for the people who want to go for a more night look and also bright colours for the people who want to wear the saree at a day event.

Our Linen Sequin saree is adjustable according to the event that you are attending. You can pair this saree with beautiful floral jewellery and you will be good to go. The style can be changed according to the event that you are attending and according to your personal preferences. Our Linen Sequin saree will be standing out definitely at any event that you are attending! The beautiful Linen Sequin saree comes out from the hardworking minds of our weavers. The weavers work day and night to provide the most interesting designs at the pallu of our Linen Sequin saree.

The design will surely make you fall in love with it! You can shop from the wide variety of Linen Sequin available at Loomfolks. Our Linen Sequin saree range is the saree range that will make you fall in love with the artistic pallu design but will be really easy to wear and handle exclusively designed for the women of today!