yellow saree for haldi function

Yellow Sarees for Different Occasions

Yellow represents the color of happiness and prosperity. You must have noticed that most traditional art and architecture have a remarkable use of vibrant color. Even in pop culture, yellow is often the color to get associated with smiley and energized emotions. Indian traditional attires also have different shades of yellow, and they look perfect on the handloom sarees. Finding a yellow saree at a shop or an online store is not difficult as the demand for those sarees is always high! Do you shy away from wearing the bright color in sarees? These are apt for any festive occasions and events. In fact, they complement wonderfully with gold jewelry and floral accessories. Read on to enrich your wardrobe with the best shades of yellow!

Why yellow sarees are the best?

Yellow, the color of turmeric is symbolizing opulence and looks great on the weaved material. Sarees are of different fabrics, and every material has a unique appeal. Different colors bring a different look to the sarees, and with yellow, you get to witness a new shade every time. From pale yellow shades on linen sarees to bright yellows on the south silk sarees, these traditional attires are apt for all events. 

Yellow sarees match perfectly with other bright colors like red, green and pink. These colors have a profound link with religious festivities and are considered auspicious. Weddings, religious functions, parties, and other grand events have a touch of yellow. Thus, yellow sarees are always the ultimate choice for all women!

Attractive Yellow Floral Design Digital Print Linen Saree

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Earn 550 Loom Coins.
You Save: 1,000.00 (15.38%)

Attractive Yellow Linen Handloom Saree with Banarasi Design

Price : 4,200.00
Earn 420 Loom Coins.
You Save: 1,300.00 (23.64%)

Brilliant Yellow Handloom Tissue Linen Saree With Intricate Border Weave

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Glorifying Yellow Tamarind Leaf Design Resham Muslin Silk SareeGlorifying Yellow Tamarind Leaf Design Resham Muslin Silk Saree2

Glorifying Yellow Tamarind Leaf Design Resham Muslin Silk Saree

Price : 4,500.00
Earn 450 Loom Coins.

Glowing Yellow Tulip Design Handwoven Pure Resham Muslin Saree

Price : 4,500.00
Earn 450 Loom Coins.
You Save: 2,000.00 (30.77%)

Pleasing Yellow Pure Resham Sequins Woven Muslin Rose Embroidery Saree

Price : 6,900.00
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You Save: 4,600.00 (40%)

Stunning Gorgeous Yellow Handwoven Temple Border Linen Saree

Price : 4,800.00
Earn 480 Loom Coins.
You Save: 2,700.00 (36%)
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Yellow Cotton Jamdani Handwoven Saree with Contrast Red Border

Yellow Cotton Jamdani Handwoven Saree with Contrast Red Border

Price : 2,200.00
Earn 220 Loom Coins.

Significance of the color in the traditional attire

Indian festivals and celebrations are always larger than life. The traditional sarees you wear to any such festival should match the grandeur and theme. Thus, a color like yellow, representing the brightness of sunshine and a majestic touch of gold, is the best choice. You can wear yellow linen for the morning festivities, bright yellow silk for the evening rituals and a splendid yellow and golden Zari weaved saree for the night. The significance of the bright color makes it suitable for all fabrics and brings a royal appeal to the saree. 

  • Yellow Sarees for Haldi – Haldi is an integral part of a Hindu wedding and celebrates the color yellow in every possible way! Wear any saree of any fabric in the color yellow and flaunt your floral jewelry. White and red floral accessories go perfectly with a yellow saree with minimal stitches or self-work embroidery. Choose a bright yellow shade for the morning rituals during Haldi and celebrate the color of joy!  
  • Yellow Sarees for Wedding – Your wedding attire has to be perfect! What can be better than a bright yellow saree with a red Zari border? Yellow and red are auspicious colors and are part of wedding festivities. Red represents vermillion, and yellow signifies lifelong prosperity. Combining both with a shimmery touch of Zari will bring a splendid look for your most special day. Choose a South-Indian silk saree with heavy Zari works or a yellow Banarasi for your wedding.

Bright Yellow Linen Embroidery Saree With Beautiful Butta Work

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Glorious Yellow Intricately Handwoven Banarasi Design Linen Saree

Glorious Yellow Intricately Handwoven Banarasi Design Linen Saree

Price : 4,500.00
Earn 450 Loom Coins.
SKU: LBM112102
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Luminous Bright Yellow Cotton Banarasi Design Handwoven Saree

Luminous Bright Yellow Cotton Banarasi Design Handwoven Saree

Price : 3,300.00
Earn 330 Loom Coins.

Energizing Yellow Half And Half Cotton Silk Saree With Small Butti Weave

Price : 1,850.00
Earn 185 Loom Coins.
You Save: 650.00 (26%)

Clearing the doubts with FAQs

With so many colors in the sarees, why do you think yellow sarees are so much celebrated? The following questions must be the common ones that come to your mind. Here’s helping you with the answers, so you do not go clueless the next time while shopping for festivities and events. 


Most frequent questions and answers

A color that symbolizes purity, opulence and prosperity is the best choice. The shades of yellow on the sarees get reflected differently with each fabric. Some yellow sarees also have a dual-tone with mixed threads. Regardless of the occasion, one can flaunt a yellow saree and win hearts with their fashion choice.

Yellow matches excellently with other bright colors like red, green, pink and blue. In fact, you can also pair a yellow linen saree with a white or black blouse. The versatile shade does not require any specific color for the blouse, as you can match the color with the borders of the saree you are wearing. However, one can also experiment and go for a mix and match attire with yellow and other unique colors.

Yellow matches well with all colors like red, green, white, blue and many more. For morning festivals or similar homely occasions, wear it with a white or red blouse. For the evening festivities or a wedding, wear a yellow saree with bright pink or blue to match the grandeur of the event.

Indian handlooms are apt for traditional looks. Yellow linen Banarasi sarees or Muslin silk Jamdanis can be an apt choice for rituals and weddings. If you are attending a wedding, you can also go for a silk saree with golden Zari threads to bring a traditional touch to your attire.

Concluding note – Yellow sarees are the GOLD for every festive wear.

Yellow sarees and golden jewelry are part of all festivals. Wear them at traditional events or at parties. Get the best sarees made with care from the handloom weavers in India from Loomfolks. Enrich your wardrobe with all the shades of yellow and stay ready for any event or occasion!